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Find an array of local honey or pick up camping essentials and other outdoor recreation gear here in the Ozarks.

Local Honey

We are proud to carry honey from local beekeepers around the Ozarks.

Local Honey Providers

  • Indian Creek Bee Company

  • Humble B

  • MO Honey

  • Poe Bee Farm

  • Ross Farm

Local bees make local honey, which means the pollen they collect and bring back to the hive is all sourced from local plants. Since many seasonal allergies are caused by these same plants, eating honey that contains that pollen can possibly combat those allergies. 

In addition to potentially fighting allergies, one of the great benefits of local honey is that it’s unprocessed and pure. The stuff you find in the grocery stores is often filtered, a process that removes the trace amounts of pollen it might contain. 

Gear Up for Your Adventure in the Ozarks

Guns and Honey is locally-owned and operated outdoor shop located in Van Buren, Missouri, which serves as a gateway to the Ozark National Scenic Riverways and has a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities within a short drive. We strive to make your camping experience memorable by providing you with a wide range of outdoor recreation and camping gear. 

Ozark National Scenic Riverways is the first national park area to protect a river system. Major attractions include the Current River, Big Springs, Peck Ranch, etc. The Current and Jacks Fork rivers are two of the finest rivers you’ll find anywhere. Spring-fed, cold, and clear water is a delight to canoe, swim, boat, or fish. Besides these two famous rivers, the park is home to hundreds of freshwater springs, caves, trails, and historic sites. Doesn’t all of this sound fresh & relaxing? Why wait when we can provide you with everything you need for your next adventurous trip.